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When she released Body Confidence in 1991, Cher was on top of the world — fresh off the success of “If I Could Turn Back Time” and her Oscar-winning performance in Moonstruck.

Somehow during all of the commotion, Cher was able to look and feel more fabulous than ever before, and it was all thanks to a daily workout routine she developed with her personal trainer Keli Roberts.

Not one to hold back from giving the people what they want, Cher released two workout videos: CherFitness: A New Attitude and CherFitness: Body Confidence, on both VHS and the ultra-luxurious, at the time, LaserDisc. On those tapes, she leads us through her personal everyday workout routine with all the jazz and pizzazz you would expect from the Queen of Comebacks.

Let’s take a look.

According to the press releases, Body Confidence & New Attitude were based on Cher’s personal workout program, which she does every day. One of the biggest aspects of her workout is a step routine, led by Keli Roberts, a former athlete and model, turned personal trainer. The Step-Routine runs a solid 40 minutes, is as fun as it is funky, and can be easily done in the privacy of your own home. You can watch the whole step routine here.

During that period, Cher was somewhat of a fitness icon, thanks to two workout videos she starred in. And, if there’s one thing Cher knows, it’s that working every muscle is important. In her “Hot Dance” routine, the “Believe” singer shows us how to stretch and tone every muscle in our bodies being both fun and gets the endorphins flowing. 

As one Amazon reviewer says, “It’s a decent workout. It’s Cher. It’s fun…If you’re willing to accept all of this and laugh along with or at the video, WHILE getting a good workout, then it’s definitely the movie for you. The most important thing to have when approaching CherFitness is a sense of humor. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be hilarious, but it is. So laugh.” 

You can watch Cher’s entire exercise video above.