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Real Strength


What is true strength? The question is notorious for pitting CrossFitters against Pilates disciples, IronMen against 100M dashers, even Barry’s Bootcampers against SoulCyclers — not to mention mind versus matter.

Let’s say the notion of some monolithic TRUE STRENGTH can’t possibly exist. “Strong” finds its opposite in “weak”, sure, but once you’ve taken that off the table, things get decidedly less polar. “True” strength makes for “false” strength? Counterfeit strength? Imagined strength? When applied to living, breathing, muscle-bound human bodies…not quite working for us. As we like to say here in our humble corner of the Internet, where logic fails, The Forum steps in. (We’ve actually never said that before. Pretty good though, huh?)

How do you define true strength? By your squat and deadlift PRs? Your esoteric mastery of somatic awareness? Your resemblance to a pretzel, achieved with a few casual twists and contortions? The miles you can run or bike or swim without stopping? What are you chasing in pursuit of true strength in your own body?

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