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CBD Mythical Cure-all


CBD balm is the Windex of a generation. Touted as cure-all by some, met with skepticism by others, if not a tentative “Will this get me high?”

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 120 naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds of the marijuana plant. While CBD is associated with enhanced calm and pain relief, it is non-psychoactive, unlike its more – uh – notorious, counterpart. Although clinical trials on the substance only began last year, CBD has emerged as a popular (and increasingly prescribed) remedy for myriad ailments, ranging from muscle soreness to severe epilepsy.

CBD tinctures are a combination of cannabidiol and carrier oil, and tend to be much clearer on the dosage power. Balms, lotions, oils, and creams… Another story. Stroll the body aisle in any New Age grocery store and you’re likely to stumble upon a number of little tubs and jars vying for your attention.  If the price point doesn’t deter you, the decision fatigue might. 

Time for some quality-control. Does CBD balm actually work? How do you know? Which brand(s) get the job done? Which are total bullshit? What’s your recommended dose? When do you use it? The people need answers.

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