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Beginner’s Mindset


Starting something new is never easy. A new job. A new relationship. A new activity. We’re all familiar with the questions that circulate in our minds when we are nervous about a new thing. How do I even start? What if I’m not good enough? Is this going to work? What’s the point?!

These questions tend to subside once we jump in and just, ya know, start Doing Things. By definition, anxiety is fear of future what-ifs. When future plans become present action, however, that anxiety naturally melts away.  And yet, time and time again, we repeat these existential conundrums when a potential beginning comes our way. 

We all want to try new things and approach life with a healthy optimism, but there are millions of things that can cloud our view— work, fear of completely sucking, self-shame. All the things!

So we want to know, how do you approach starting something new? How do enter a new activity or event with an open mind? Are there things you tell yourself to overcome beginner’s anxiety? How do you sidestep fear and take on new activities?

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