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Awkward Gym Class Memories. Let’s share.


Getting hit in the face with a volleyball. Throwing up after trying to set a school record in the mile. Unexpected farts during warmups.

Awkward gym class memories. We all have ‘em.

Gym is a weird time in the school day. It’s subjectively the most fun class of the day, and also has the potential to be the most traumatic. It’d be impossible for us to count the number of embarrassing, exciting, awkward, and fear-inducing moments we’ve experienced during the throes of youth gym class. But in the spirit of being open, transparent, and accepting ourselves, we wanted to put it to the people.

What was gym class like for you? What was the most awkward thing you experienced in gym class? The most incredible? The most inspiring? The most embarrassing? The most triumphant?! We want to hear your stories. We know stirring up adolescent memories can get emo, but let’s be accepting of all the weird stuff that’s happened in the past and simply clear the air. And have a little fun with it.