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Inside Our Flatiron Flagship


A Taste of West Texas in the Concrete Jungle.

New York City. The city of dreams. The Big Apple. The epicenter of broadway, the concrete jungle. Whatever you call it, NYC is a world hub of innovation, culture, community and movement that makes it unlike any other city. So, when we opened our OV store in the Flatiron district, our 10th location and second NYC storefront, it was only right that we brought a few of our favorite pieces from OV’s homebase in Austin to our new big city playground.

From a hand-sourced plant shop to an in-store Discovery Zone, here are our favorite things in our new Flatiron flagship.


Cactus Shop

Upon entering the OV Flatiron flagship, you’ll be greeted with indigenous cacti gardens from our home state 🌵. The various plant species are ethically sourced by the Cactus Store and are native to Texas. Including uniquely selected plants like the Yucca thompsoniana and the Opuntia aciculata, an ecclectic selection of green-life lines the storefront.


Discovery Zone

The latest technical apparel fills the walls of our 5th Ave. home, all leading you to a Discovery Zone where customers are given a deep dive into signature OV products. Team OV is ready to get you into your new favorite Recreational products with apparel consultations that will help determine the best styles and fits for your go-to activities. Bring your favorite pieces to life with this real-life playground for #DoingThings.


Sustainable Snacks

Before you go, pick up a delicious snack from our friends at Erewhon. The organic grocer and cafe sells ethically and sustainably produced foods in order to inspire people to “eat better, eat less, and live longer.” Plus, we’re the only spot outside of LA to carry @erewhonmarket water and snacks. On your way to join us for one of our community Dog Jogs or Endorphin Hours? Fueling up with Erewhon is the perfect pre-activity routine to help you feel better and stronger when you do things.


Want to see what other eccentricities can be found in our stores? Visit a store near you and come say hi. We’re way more fun irl 👋.