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10 Questions With Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi’s art oozes color and movement. His characters are gleeful, exuberant, and striking. Maybe it’s us, but Sebastian’s work reminds us of riding a bike on a trail and having someone pass and give you a high five mid-pedal; it’s a good vibe. Outdoor Voices worked with Sebastian on a series of illustrations that

emblazoned shirts and stickers in our tennis collection. We recently caught up with Sebastian and chatted about his love for corgis, the evolutionary spirit of fellow Argentinian-artist Juana Molina, and one of the most beautiful Recreational areas in North America.

01. How do you describe what you do?

I mainly draw and paint for a living.

OV Tennis storefront installation, illustration by Sebastian Curi

02. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I look at the window and check on the weather.

03. What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created?

I have a deep love for the first drawing I did that I really liked.

04. What’s your biggest influence?

I don’t have a memory for this kind of stuff. I just change my mind all the time. But RIGHT NOW I would say is Juana Molina. I admire her music so much! But also the way she changed over the years and kept growing. She is truly amazing.

Album covers from Juana Molina’s discography
Helado Negro

05. What would be your dream collaboration?

I’m trying to get Helado Negro to do something with me but it’s a long shot. Dude! Let’s make something together. It’s going to be AWESOME. Illustrator promise.

06. How does movement play into your work?

Movement is everything! I’m almost only interested in things that move or feel alive. I like to think in terms of timing, things around us are coming and going always. Something is happening out there. And movement brings all that together. Even the colors I choose try to bring more movement to the piece.

Animated illustration by Sebastian Curi from his Half Park Lane commission

07. What’s your favorite recreational activity?

Absolutely love my bike and I really like to go for small walks with my wife.

08. What’s your best tip for Doing Things?

Work with what you’ve got because that should be enough.

09. What’s your favorite meme?

Not into memes but love this guy here.

10. Where is your favorite place to move?

I live by the seawall in Vancouver and it changed my life. Now I run a couple of times a week around the water. It’s such a cinematic experience. Beautiful place. The Vancouver Seawall. Google it.

Corgi and Dachshund

11. What do you want to see more of in the world?

Corgis and sausage dogs. That proportion in dogs just put a smile on my face.

To learn more about Sebastian and his art, visit his website. You can also find select prints from his full collection available for purchase here.