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10 Questions With Jason Stewart of Them Jeans


Los Angeles based DJ Jason Stewart, more commonly known as Them Jeans, has long been one of the city’s cultural darlings. Known for turning clubs and day parties into dancing fiascos, Stewart also taps into worlds far beyond music.

He has helmed two podcasts: “Tall Tales” saw him and star-studded guests (such as A-Trak and Open Mike Eagle) dishing inside stories about their lives in the music industry, while The Stew, gives listeners a deep dive into all things food.

A glance at his Instagram shows that his come up as an amateur chef is undeniable.

Whatever he’s up to, Them Jeans is always doing it with energy.

We took a break with the wunderkind to talk work, influences and a few of his best practices for Doing Things.


01. How do you describe what you do?

I DJ, do podcasts, do creative strategy for brands and spend all my money on food.

Jason wears The Recreationalist hat

02. First thing you do when you wake up?

I try to wake up as early as possible to drink coffee in silence for an hour without waking up my girlfriend. I then do a prison-style workout in my backyard.

03. What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created?

My first podcast back in like 2011. It made me zero money, but gave me a whole new way to make friends from all over the world that I’m able to still keep in touch with today.

04. What’s your biggest influence?

90s Food Network, graffiti and my friends.

05. What would be your dream collaboration?

Doing a TV show with Anthony Bourdain or Whitney from The Hills.

Them Jeans

06. How does movement play into your work?

I’m 6’9″, so spending all day in front of a computer isn’t the best. I’m constantly stretching and going on walks to stay loose. When I’m DJing I have to stay limber because standing still in the same place for five hours can sometimes hurt more than a Barry’s Bootcamp the next morning.


07. What’s your favorite Recreational activity?

Hiking and cycling. I love being Recreational alone because it allows me to clear my head without distraction. I recently started jumping rope in the mornings and it’s meditative because you can’t really focus on anything else when you’re as bad at jumping rope as I am.


08. What’s your best tip for Doing Things?

Drink so much coffee that if you don’t do “the thing” you’ll have a panic attack. And for me personally, have as many people hold you accountable for work as possible. (When I’m Doing Things from home alone, those things are usually more along the lines of “Doing the Dishes” instead of meaningful work.)

09. What’s your favorite meme?


10. What’s your favorite Recreational area?

Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Manhattan on foot with two hours to kill and the pull up bar in my backyard.

Them Jeans performs in the OV #DoingThings hat

11. What do you want to see more of in the world?

Del Taco locations, normalization of mental health awareness, affordable nutritious food, realistic living wages, bicycles as transportation, regulated legalization of psychedelics and brands rewarding artists, creators and athletes in a way that actually helps the world, and not just looks like they’re helping.

You can keep up with Jason on Instagram @themjeans and check out episodes of his podcasts The Stew here and Tall Tales here.