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Dive deep and feel all of the feels.

Yumna Al-Arashi is a photographer, filmmaker and writer based in London.  As documenter of the human experience, Yumna honors her subjects in the highest form, capturing and commemorating emotion.

While her work tackles a range of topics from feminism to politics in the Middle East, she continues to hold herself lightly. In her own words and in personal snapshots, Yumna shares her memories of summer and the soundtrack that went along with it.


As the last winter faded away and the trees grew new leaves, I experienced some of the most fruitful gifts life has ever given me.


I traveled the world, I loved, I dove deep and I created some of my greatest dreams of all time.

I started last spring at an art residency in the woods, surrounded by a quiet, melting, Earth, coming alive from a long winter’s slumber. I read, rested, wrote. I disconnected from a routine of work and noise and instead, re-connected with my body, my heart, my soul and the Earth.


Soon after, I spent time collaborating with brilliant minds for a body of work which became so dear to our hearts: an expression of unity and feminine power. I spent time healing in Italy with one of my dearest friends. We bathed in the salty sea every day and surrendered to the healing sun. My lover and I then spent a month and a half in his home country of Switzerland. The mountains cradled us as we laughed and understood what it meant to love deeply. We celebrated this love at a wedding in Sweden and danced until our legs went numb. I found myself back in London for the end of the summer. Picking up work again and assuming some sort of responsibility in the financial madness of this world, only to be almost immediately dragged off again to the Andes mountains to make my latest body of work for Vogue, one of the most powerful works of my career. I connected to Pacha Mama and she spoke to me, and then through me.



Now, as fall and winter slowly start making their way back to us, as they always do, I see how much growing I’ve done over the last months. I spent so much time diving deep with the heartbeat of the Earth and with fellow human beings who supported and uplifted me more than I’ve ever felt before.

I’m not a DJ, but as someone who has studied music in various forms all of her life, I know the deep importance of curating sounds for spaces. Whether they are art spaces, a film, a car ride or even just when you’re alone and want music to reflect or clarify your own thoughts.

Follow us on Spotify to listen along. Artwork created by Braulio Amado.

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