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Sent From My Living Room


 Easy listening for hard times.

Editor’s Note: Moving forward, this playlist will be updated once a month (instead of biweekly) to refelect our current Recreationalist-approved tracks. Because we may be expert vibe curators here, but there are only so many tunes we can aux in a month.

It’s no secret that most of us are at home. Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine. No matter what you call it, we’re stuck on Work From Home status all day. One downside of being away from the office (besides missing the endless snack supply) is that you have to be your own DJ. No more relying on your coworker who moonlights as a DJ to supply the office with a beautiful song selection. Nope, it’s all you now.

You could listen to those same first 10 songs you have saved on your Spotify like you’ve been doing all week, or you can let us help you out. Presenting Sent From My Living Room, our latest playlist project. Unlike our other playlists, Sent From My Living Room will be updated monthly. Got to keep things fresh, ya know? We recommend listening on shuffle to really give it that “hey who took over the Sonos?” vibe.

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