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Everyday Oil


This winter, on all accounts, has been as bizarre and unruly as winters come. It’s had zero sense of compassion for that new springtime outfit in the back of your closet — in fact it’ll tease you with a lite 70 degrees in the morning, only to be sleeting by your fourth cup of coffee. You can’t reason with winter — no matter how hard you try to adapt, you’ll lose every time in the battle between wearing what you want and what you must.

Bottom line: Your skin, hair, cuticles, and whatever else winter ruins needs protection during these harsh times. And ideally before another grocery bagger’s eyes graze your crackling thumbs (weird, I know) as you check out another bottle of hand lotion.

This is where Everyday Oil comes in, begging for a quick introduction to your daily routine. For your hands, your hair, your face — any part of you that’s been burned by the dead of winter.

On your hands, apply generously. If not for the tiniest flirty-but-not-obnoxious sheen it leaves on your skin, then for the built-in aromatherapy it offers. In the most relatable sense, Everyday Oil smells like a morning hike through upstate Washington.

In your hair, it tames the flyaways and frizzies that everyone in the office failed to point out until you gasp at your reflection in a passing mirror. (Then it’s: “oh yeah, I noticed earlier but didn’t want to say anything.”) Split ends? *Dulé Hill in Holes voice* I can fix that.

We’ve all experienced the barely-there face wash that only serves to smell good or, on the flip side, the goopy, clings-to-your-face cleanser. Everyday Oil works as a lighter, fresher alternative.

For the oilier-faced readers out there who are skeptical of adding another oil to their face (don’t worry, we’re with you), Everyday Oil works great in the sensitive under eye region, where all our workplace stressors, friend drama, and city-induced toxins tend to show up the most. Or, as a first pass makeup remover at the end of a heavy eyeliner kind of night.

In the words of our Team OV member, who introduced us to this miracle oil and has opted to keep her “scary lizard skin” anonymous for a little while longer, “It’s the only thing that keeps my hands soft, humanlike, and not bleeding.” As if you could ask for anything more out of your skincare products.

It’s the only thing that keeps my hands soft, humanlike, and not bleeding.