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For The Love of Mary


It’s only one hill, but it’s a helluva hill. 7.6 miles. 4,650 feet of vertical elevation. A 22% max grade.

The annual Mount Washington Auto Road Race is no small feat. Yet every year, thousands of Recreationalists take to the hill and ascend Mount Washington, commonly referred to as “the home of the worst weather in the world.”

One of these Recreationalists is George Etzweiler, a 97-year-old man, who first climbed the mountain at the ripe age of 69. George took up running at 49, with the encouragement of his wife, Mary. Mary even outfitted George in a pair of lucky green shorts. Mary has since passed, but George continues running the road race in his lucky green shorts in memory of his beloved wife.

His dedication and perseverance are the stuff of legend, and the exact thing to look at when you are feeling like something is impossible. When you watch George in action, it’s clear; with a little grit and determination, anything’s possible.

You can learn more about George’s life story in For the Love of Mary, now streaming online. It’s a six-minute short documentary which we recommend watching while having your morning coffee. It’ll help kick off your day the right way.