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10 Questions With Corey Wash


“Drawing stuff and going on adventures.” It’s a simple mantra, yet one that Baltimore-born and New York based multidisciplinary artist Corey Wash is living to the fullest. Her art is loaded with colors camouflaged in comic-like sketches that are elevated by social themes within each piece. Her latest exhibition, Conversation Direlect, explores the tug of war between advanced

technology and human communication, words like “scared of the revolution,” and “social media killed us,” scattered throughout.

Enthralling to say the least, her work does well to catch attention and speak up. In late July, Wash also took on perhaps her most important role yet; being a mom, which she says is “the realest shit I’ve ever done.” We took a break with Wash to talk art, influences, and movement.

01. How do you describe what you do?

I actually wouldn’t describe what I do, but if I absolutely had to I’d say I’m a multidisciplinary artist. I like to bring my ideas to life through drawings, paint, video, photography, fashion, food, sculpture and more. My existence consists of exploring and making stuff.


02. First thing you do when you wake up?

Brush my teeth.

03. What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created?

That actually changes pretty often, right now it’s a tie between a painting I made earlier this year called “World Ending” and a video I recorded of myself in 2017 called “spliff and tacos”. Two very different mediums, both with different subjects. I want to get more into film and video, and I also want to get better at painting. These two pieces of work were my first attempts at stepping into a new realm of creation.

World Ending, 2019
Acrylic, oil pastel, and paint marker on canvas

04. What’s your biggest influence?

Everything has influence, I like to take pieces from all of my surroundings and put them into pockets for later (or immediate) use.

05. What would be your dream collaboration?

Music – I’d love to collaborate with Tierra Whack and Solange, their taste levels are both very colorful and experimental.

Fashion – Definitely Kerby Jean-Raymond. I love how captivating and persistent his storytelling is through his design and collaboration in fashion.


06. How does movement play into your work?

Traveling opens my eyes to new experiences, thus new works. Also when I make gifs it expands the scope and expression of the message.

07. What’s your favorite Recreational activity?

Getting out of the house to go for a walk, and practicing my bass. 


08. What’s your best tip for Doing Things?

Practice! Get out of your head and keep going.

09. What’s your favorite meme?

Definitely the Mr. Krabs meme.


10. What’s your favorite Recreational area?

The park.


11. What do you want to see more of in the world?

Love and intelligence.

For more on Corey and to keep abreast of her latest work, follow her on Instagram @Coreywash.