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huge Parks, gorgeous lakes and Plenty of hoops.

Seattle-based stylist and marathon runner Rahhel Woldu is a “rainy city” expert who says that running and moving her body give her purpose and uplift her spirits. Draped in miles of greenery and mountainous terrain, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and one of the fastest growing in the nation; the perfect backdrop to getting up, getting out and #DoingThings.

Lake Serene + Bridal Falls

Lake Serene Trail is a popular hike within the Mount Baker Snoqualmie Forest. This gorgeous trail has an amazing lake and several pockets with waterfalls and views of mountains and the valley. The hike’s first two miles are pretty easy with a bit of an incline. From there, you can choose to go another mile on the Bridal Veil Falls Trail or another two miles on the main trail to Lake Serene. The extra mile is definitely worth the side trip to see the falls. It’s my favorite hike of any in the Pacific Northwest to date. It’s hard though! Eight and a half miles in four to five hours with stops at the falls (breathtaking) and a hammock at the lake.

Pro-Tip: Purchase a Pacific Northwest parking pass online beforehand. Otherwise, bring $5 cash and a pen to manually fill out an envelope for parking.


Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the largest in the city. Located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood it’s known for its beauty. The park protects a remarkable urban wilderness with paved trails. At times I go with no particular agenda, to wander and simply enjoy mother nature. You’ll find cliffs overlooking the beautiful Puget Sound and views of Mount Rainier and Olympus. If you’re looking for a great place for running/jogging year-round, nature-watching, hiking or enjoying a picnic, this park has got you covered. I recommend beginning your loop trail hike near the Visitor Center. It’s a great place to start before heading out to explore, as it offers trail maps.


Green Lake Basketball Court

On a beautiful Seattle afternoon, being outside is a treat, and when it’s time to lace up the sneakers and hit the court, Green Lake’s outdoor basketball court is exactly where you want to be. Just 15 minutes north of downtown (30 on public transportation) you can enjoy pick-up basketball games, challenge your friends to a game of HORSE or simply practice your free-throws. After you’ve built up a sweat, the breathtaking lake route is perfect for a wind down. Green Lake is also a great recreational park for runners, bikers, skaters and walkers. Others visit the park for boating, picnics, playing frisbee and swimming. There is something to do for everyone in the entire family. 

Fun fact: The Seattle Supersonics gave the court a renovation before leaving town in 2008 (#bringbackoursonics). Some of the best basketball players in the city play pick-up games at the Green Lake Community Center and it’s not uncommon to see players from the pros either watching in the stands or joining in on the fun during the summer.


Athletic Form

Seattle isn’t called the ‘Rainy City’ for nothing, so on wet days that I still plan on #DoingThings, I go to my favorite place, Athletic Form. It’s the city’s most culturally diverse fitness center offering a variety of classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Hot HIIT (combined with interval training, muscle toning and cardio in a room heated to approximately 90 degrees) and Booty Blaster boot camps are two of my favorites. Great atmosphere, dope music selection and a very uplifting community. Athletic Form is more than a gym, it’s a safe space for many. I’m here all the time, if you see me say hi.



This dock overlooks all of Lake Washington and glances over downtown Bellevue. Great space for picnicking, floating, and soaking up some rays (while they last), and has a good jump-off point from the dock. This one actually has a ladder so you can climb out of the lake, unlike some of the other docks where you have to lift yourself out. If you’re feeling hungry afterward, Meet the Moon is up the street and they’ve got the best happy hour! Margarita Mondays for $5.

Pro-Tip: T-dock gets crowded during the summer months so I’d suggest getting there and securing your place before 1 P.M.


Written & Photographed by Rahhel Woldu

Love Seattle? Let us know if we missed your favorite Recreational spot below.